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Midwest Ag Enterprises Receives Special Recognition

The Marshall company was honored at award ceremony at the state Capitol for developing international markets
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Midwest Ag Enterprises Inc. is  composes of three parts: MAE, Midwest Ag Exports (MA), and Midwest Ag Logistics, Inc. Midwest Ag Enterprises Inc also has closely associated with Protein Resources, Inc., Midwest Ag Enterprises is charge of the international sales for products from Protein Resources Inc.

Midwest Ag Enterprises and Midwest Ag Exports are privately held companies established in 2002. Based in Marshall MN is an exporter of high quality feed ingredients to end-user customers in the Pacific-rim and China.

The employees of Midwest Ag Exports come from the Corn Wet Milling Industry and are experts in understand Co-products derived from the ever expanding US renewable fuels industry. MA Exports employees know documentation and logistics involved with shipping high volumes of product to the Pacific-rim and China. MA Exports prides itself in aligning itself with processors who understand the need for Identity preservation of their products. MA Exports understands how important it is to hold suppliers to strict quality control standards in this new and ever changing industry. End-users buying product from MA Exports can be assured they are getting their money's worth. We have established our own standards and protocols for products shipped.

Midwest Ag Logistics, Inc. is a company designed to handle containerized freight services for small and medium sized companies who export/import products throughout the world. Midwest Ag Logistics, Inc. holds a Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) NVOCC (Non Vessel Ocean Common Carrier) license. We can provide all the documentation and logistic services needed for small and large companies in their Ocean Vessel containerized shipping needs.

Protein Resources Inc. is a manufacturer of porcine soluble product SDP80, Peptone 50, Peptone NS, Ferm-O-Tide XP, Ferm-O-Tide, Fish Soluble blended products and other high value specialty ingredients. Those porcine soluble products have been registered and are being marketed in China, Taiwan, Philippine, Vietnam, and other S.E. Asia countries.


Midwest Ag Enterprises FERM-O-TIDE XP
Midwest Ag Enterprises SDP80
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